Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Night Action...Kansas comes to South Florida

Time: 8:00
Where: Tampa, FL
Who: Kansas vs. South Florida (-3.5)

Let me begin with this: South Florida is developing into a damn good program. Kansas, well, the verdict is still out if they will remain in Big XII contention year in and year out going against more established programs such as Nebraska, Colorado, and (gasp) Missouri. All of which should continue to outrecruit Kansas.

With all that said, I'm picking Kansas. In Todd Reesing I trust. Also, a 7-pt victory over UCF last week for USF did not exactly inspire confidence. Who knew Todd Reesing beat out my boy Matt Stafford for the 4A player of the year in Texas? Also, The Great Mangini outweighs Weis and doesn't care. I know they're on the road and playing against one of the better (or, at least, faster) defenses that they'll face, but Rock Chalk, Jayhawk takes it 34-24. Respect.

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