Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quick 1st Half Thoughts on Vandy vs. UGA...

A couple quick thoughts that I posted over on David Hale's UGA blog:

Why not go for deep with 1-second left on the clock before halftime?

Why take a knee when the defense jumps offsides? That's twice that I can remember that the opposing defense wasn't offside but Stafford took a knee instead of taking a chance downfield (this game and the Florida game last year when a DL popped Stafford and got a 15-yd penalty).

Also, is it me or are Stafford's mechanics still lacking for a top-10 NFL pick? He underthrew Green and MoMa deep with the MoMa throw picked off by Moore on what was otherwise a solid drive.

Total domination for the second week in a row in the stats but the score doesn't reflect it.

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